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Mother’s Day May 10, 2020


We received very encouraging information from Civil Defense in the COVID-19 update for Mother’s Day. The total number of people tested positive for Hawaii Island is 75.  From this, 74 have been cleared as recovered with the remaining 1 being quarantined at home and monitored by the Department of Health.  At this date, for Hawaii Island, no one is hospitalized.


These are exceptionally good numbers for Hawaii Island and the State, so much gratitude to the health care family for their guidance, hard work, and care.  So proud of Hawaii for being the number 1 in the nation of testing per capita and being in the top two states of having the lowest active cases identified.


Additionally, the state is seriously considering asking visitors to be tested negative for the virus no more than two or three days prior to coming here or being quarantined for two weeks upon arrival. This would be a smart measure to help everyone make the most of our natural insulation from the virus.


I envision that our circumstances will be attractive to many looking for a relatively safe and very pleasant place to call home, which will create a positive real estate sales environment rather quickly. Tourism on the other hand will come along more slowly as people feel comfortable venturing out, however this will not be a place for the foolhardy jerk. Either as most people will do, be respectful of Hawaii and the safety of its people, becoming one of us, or stay away as unwelcome.


Unfortunately, much of retail is geared to tourism and with a slow come back many businesses will fail before an economic equilibrium is achieved. It looks to me that the pace of our lives will be slower for some time to come. If our County and State make the most of the opportunities at hand, in spite of the difficulties we face, we could make considerable headway in rezoning and cleaning up the inefficient aspects of our bureaucracy making for more long term sustainable living for the people of Hawaii.


It will be a different world than we have experienced in our lifetime, we will want to make the most of it. Living with Aloha will light the path ahead.


The great thing about finding the perfect home in West Hawaii is there’s a wide variety of choices, see my article published by the Chamber of Commerce “Finding the Perfect Place to Live” on my home page.


We’re still keeping real estate market statistical records, if you’d like a copy of the 5/1 Report, just request in an email.


Wishing you all the best and good health, Greg


Greg Gerard, Principal Broker, Kona Kohala Realty LLC


Ask me more about it, it’s the area I live in.


That said it’s not for everyone. The great thing about this side of the mountain range is there’s a wide variety of choices, see my article published by the Chamber of Commerce “Finding the Perfect Place to Live” on my home page.


Today, as of early April We have relatively few cases of Covid 19 here on the Big Island, I hope this continues with our efforts of social distancing, good hygiene and the other safety precautions we’ve established to blunt the penetration of the virus.


I wonder if the warm temperatures, abundant sunshine and good ventilation with our mauka makai breezes here are also helping us limit the spread. It appears the virus may not like our environment. We’ll see as more testing makes the picture clearer.


We’re still keeping statistical market records which will be more relevant in a month or two. However, if you’d like a full 4/1 report, including graphs and the summery, just email me.


Wishing you the best and good health.


With Persistence, Determination and Aloha, Greg Gerard.


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